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Digital Marketing Strategist in Kerala.

I’m a Digital Marketing Strategist in  Kerala based in Idukki. I provide a range of services in SEO, Google Ads, Search Engine Marketing,  Website Design / Development. I assist companies in increasing traffic and lead conversion.

About Me

Digital Marketing Strategist in Kerala

I hold a B.Com degree from Mahatma Gandhi University and have further honed my skills with a Diploma in Digital Marketing from CDA Academy Kochi. started my journey as digital marketer intern and gradually gained useful experience by building on this solid educational base.

Web development, SEO, and Social media marketing are some of the areas of digital marketing that fall under my zone of expertise. Despite the fact that I find all facets of digital marketing fascinating, my main areas of interest and expertise are SEO and site design/development.

As Kerala eagerly embraces the digital marketing revolution, the demand for proficient digital marketing strategists in the region is on the rise. Please get in touch if you’d like a free digital consultation. Outside the scope of my express services, I’m dedicated to provide real and useful advice to advance your company.

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Role of Digital Marketing Strategist in a Firm

The role of a Digital Marketing Strategist in a firm, especially in a state like Kerala, is pivotal in today’s competitive business landscape.

Their ability to harness the power of online channels, optimize SEO, and create compelling content makes them indispensable assets for firms aiming to thrive in the digital era.

Why Choose Me as a Digital Marketing Strategist in Kerala?

In my role as a Digital Marketing Strategist in Kerala,  I can create and implement a customized digital marketing plan that specifically targets the proper audience through multiple online channels, including social media, search engines, and email campaigns.

I can increase the company’s conversion rates and overall online success by efficiently managing paid advertising campaigns, evaluating data to improve strategies, and ensuring a flawless user experience.

As a Digital Marketing Strategist  in Kerala’s Idukki district, my capacity to keep track of and manage the company’s online reputation, stay current with market developments, and offer insightful commentary can help to develop a strong online presence and driving business growth.


digital marketing strategist in Kerala search engine optimization or SEO as a service

Search Engine Optimization

◙ Keyword research and optimization

◙ On-page optimization

◙ Off-page optimization

◙ Keeping Up with Industry Trends

digital marketing strategist in Kerala google paid ads as service.

Google Ads

◙ Campaign creation and management

◙ Keyword research and optimization

◙ Ad creation and testing

◙ Analytics and reporting

◙ Consulting and training

digital marketing strategist in Kerala word press website designing as services

Web Design

◙ Website design and development.

◙ Website maintenance and updates.

◙ E-commerce solutions

◙ Search engine optimization (SEO)

digital marketing strategist in Kerala content marketing as a service.

Content Marketing

◙  Social media marketing and advertising.

◙ Content strategy.

◙ Data-driven decision-making.

◙ Research

◙ Collaboration

Recent Projects

Digital marketing strategist in Kerala porfolio smm campaign

CDA Academy

Generated new leads for CDA Academy Kochi through social media marketing campaigns with limited budget.


social media marketing for a leading home appliance brand.


Social Media Marketing & Content Analysis  for Impex Electronics Private Limited company on their Onam Campaign based in India.


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Completed digital marketing internship from QuadCubes. QuadCubes is a renowned digital marketing firm in Kochi and Calicut.


Looking for a Freelance Digital Marketing Strategist in Kerala ?

Open For Collaboration.



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Yes, various tools like Google Analytics, SEMrush, HubSpot, and Hootsuite can help you manage, analyze, and track the performance of your digital marketing campaigns.

The timeline for seeing results varies depending on the type of campaign and industry. In general, it can take several months to see significant improvements, but it's important to maintain consistency.

Your digital marketing budget should align with your business goals. Typically, businesses allocate 5-15% of their revenue for digital marketing, but the exact amount depends on your industry and objectives.

To stay updated, follow reputable digital marketing blogs, attend industry webinars, and consider joining professional associations or forums. Continuous learning and adaptation are essential in digital marketing.

Best Digital Marketing Strategist in Kerala

Feel free to drop me a message.

Are there any elements of Digital Marketing that worry you? Both full-time positions and freelancing opportunities are welcome.

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